Wednesday, August 8, 2012


First of all, I've been working on memorizing this Bible verse which is perfect for what I've been going through the past 7 weeks.

"Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God's will. Then you will receive all that He has promised." - Hebrews 10:36

It has been a long, heart aching 6 1/2 weeks without my boys... I've eaten my weight in Oreos which seems to help a bit!  Sunday we had an amazing prayer open house that was thrown by my sister. It was SO amazing and I think EVERY family who adopts should have one! We were covered in prayer by so many people. Simply amazing...

Anyway, many already know who saw on Facebook, but we have been officially submitted to the US Embassy! We are SO excited to finally get to this point. One step closer to our boys being home... Unfortunately, we have NO idea when the coming home will be (could be anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months). Eyob was recently put on medication for exposure to TB. We have no other details besides that. Hopefully we can get more info in the next couple of days. We prayed last night for a miracle, because the doctor will not give the medical slip basically saying "You're clear to travel" until he finishes his medication. With not knowing how long that will be and Eyob needing to come home quickly (more on that in a bit), we decided to see if the Embassy would somehow allow us to submit the boys' cases without these medical forms and turn them in once we get them. We, along with many others, prayed last night. I woke up to an email sent at 4am saying that yes, they would allow us to submit without the medical documents. What an amazing answer to prayer!!! God is SO good and faithful!

So, the reason why we need to get Eyob home quickly... He has *severe* plagiocephaly, meaning the back left side of his head is extremely flat and misshapen due to him laying on his back for so much of his life. Upon talking with doctors and some amazingly helpful people at our Children's Hospital, I got a bit more information about it, and while they obviously can't give me medical advice since they have not seen Eyob, they did explain to me about the treatment and what would be happening. The problem is, they try to have treatment (using a re-positioning helmet) started before they turn 12 months. Eyob is now 14 months. Every month that we wait is one month closer to him not being able to have ANY treatment. The older they get, the more their skull becomes permanently fused and harder to reshape. According to most doctors and clinics, 15-18 months is the cutoff. 

We're praying for more miracles that the Embassy clears the boys quickly so we can get them home and get sweet Eyob to the doctor. Will you join us in praying for them to expedite their cases? Will you pray them home? Will you also pray that he will be able to finish the TB medication quickly so we can get those much needed medical forms? Please pray that there is nothing that will hold up their files from clearing!

Lastly, I'm not sure if everyone read our recent blogpost, but it is SO important for anyone who is actively following our adoption journey. Especially family and local friends... PLEASE read it to know what to expect. Just click HERE.

Thank you everyone for the prayers!!! Can't wait until I can finally post that we're on our way to bring them HOME! :)

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