About Us

About Our Family

Michael & Amanda

are 28 years old, were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 9 years.

loves the Lord and feels a calling for missions
hard-working and devoted daddy and husband
loves his job and career field of aviation
is getting SO close to getting his Bachelor's in Professional Aeronautics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 
loves his children and wife, running an insane amount of miles, apple crisp, leftovers, Fox News, politics, history, Jim Carrey and any and all kinds of music

would be nowhere without her Lord and Savior
has a HUGE heart for orphans and thanks her God for that
homeschooling and "domestic engineer" (aka stay-at-home) momma
adores her kiddos and is head over heels in love with her best friend/high school sweetheart/husband
started her own business that gives back to worldwide orphan care: www.hopeone27.com
loves praise music, chocolate, Italian food, reading, the beach, family time, baking, & the color pink


is 8 years old
 LOVES Jesus!
is funny, giving, silly, and has such a heart for others, especially those less fortunate
He loves to dance and wants to be a missionary when he grows up
loves the color blue and orange and wants to go back to Ethiopia to minister to others


is 8 years old
loves Jesus and loves to read her Bible
independent, caring, smart, determined, girly girl
loves homeschool, but pretty much learns it all on her own
loves music, piano, reading, chocolate, Pentatonix, horses and dolphins
wants to be a Marine Biologist when she grows up


is 6 years old
loves to pray
sweet, loving, affectionate, but all boy
loves music and dancing, broccoli and celery, John Deere, Legos, and guitar
wants to be a police dog when he grows up (yes. a police dog.)


is 3 years old
likes praying (even if we have no idea what he's praying)
has the sweetest smile 

loves dancing, puzzles, and kangaroos
when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he says "mitten".... Not sure about that! ;)


is 1 year old
loves to sing the amen song after prayer
loves babies, any fruit, and music and can cheer anyone up with her grins