Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why does adoption cost so much?

First of all! Great news! Yesterday we were approved with the adoption home study agency we applied with on Monday! We will be getting a packet of info probably today or tomorrow in which we'll send back our agreement signatures, a large check, and then we will be assigned a social worker to begin our home study!

 Secondly, I've had lots of people ask exactly what all will be happening in the coming months, how long it will all take, and how come the adoption will cost so much... Yesterday we got our adoption packet from Children's Hope International and it has the whole fee schedule that I'll be happy to share. I'll probably link this page to the links on the right and keep updating this as we pay them off so you all can see how much progress we're making! :) I'm going to make a separate post with what all will be happening in the next few months.

(red means paid)
  • Children's Hope International (CHI) Application Fee                                 $100
  • Florida Home Studies and Adoption Inc. Application Fee                          $250
  • CHI Agreement/Document Processing Fee                                                $900
  • Home Study Fees  (plus $.50/mi for social worker traveling to our home)   $1300
    • Post Adoption Reports                                                                    $750
    • Florida State Clearance Background Checks                                   $24/each
    • Medical Exams                                                                                $?
    • Parent Education Classes (10 hours)                                                $150
  • I-600A Immigration Fee                                                                            $750 
    • Fingerprints                                                                                     $85/ea
  •  Dossier Fee                                                                                             $3600
    •  Dossier Authentication Fee                                                             $500
  • International Program Fee                                                                         $7200
    • This includes translation, liaison with government and agency authorities, social services, development fee, facilitation, adoption and travel coordination, physicians, orphanage fee and child care
  • In Country Fees 
    • Upon Referral of child                                                                     $450
    • Visa medical exams for child                                                           $100
    • U.S. Visa and photo                                                                       $400
    • Passport                                                                                         $55
    • Birth Certificate                                                                               $30
  • Travel Costs
    • Air Fare (Round trip US to Ethiopia for TWO trips)                        $6000-$8000
    • House of Hope Guest House (incl. tax and meals - 5 days ea. trip)   $1000-$1250 
    • Cost for adopted infant to return (on lap for child under 2)               $300
    • Cost for seat of child over 2 are about 75% of adult fare      Approx.$1000-$1500
  •  Other Costs
    • Document Certification Fees (Notarizing and such)                         $Varies
    • Transportation and hotel stay in Awassa for birth parent meeting     $150 (approx)
Total Approximate Cost:  $25,000-$28,000

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