Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today is National Adoption Day

Many people throughout the United States are celebrating this day by holding adoption events, having parties celebrating their own adoptions, among many others.... I can't wait until we're able to celebrate this day with our very own addition to our family via adoption!

I'm also taking this day to be SO thankful to all that have helped and are helping us along this adoption journey. The love, support, and prayers we have received has been absolutely incredible and I must admit, very humbling for Michael and I. We're both the type of people who don't like asking for help because we're "do-ers".. We like to do things on our own, but obviously, and unfortunately, with Michael's salary, we can't afford to do all this on our own.... The amount of people willing to help either by prayer, donation, or fundraiser (which by the way, I'm taking pre-orders until today for tshirts and then will be selling them after we receive them, where shirt sizes will be first come first serve! Click HERE for more info) has been absolutely incredible and we're just in the beginning! God is SO good!

So I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who has been such a huge supporter of our adoption... You all have had Michael and I on our knees nightly praying in thanks and many times in tears... We feel so incredibly blessed and we're not sure how we'll ever be able to thank everyone enough. So today, I'm going to be thinking and praying for all our supporters and our loving family and friends. Because without you and without our amazing God, we would not be able to do this...

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