Saturday, November 6, 2010

Once again, God provides...

You'd think by now, after all of the nudges and blessings God has provided so far, that I wouldn't have any doubts throughout this process. Satan's working hard at telling me that we can't do it. That we won't have the money... Just two nights ago, after speaking with the home study agency (where I thought we just had to have half the amount for right now) I found out that we needed the full amount within the next few weeks. Upon calculating how much we had saved and how much more we'd be getting in the next couple weeks, we were a thousand dollars short. I began panicking, wondering how we'd get THAT much in just a short amount of time... So what'd I do? I prayed, of course! Prayed fervently that God would somehow help us obtain that. Even throughout praying, I was still doubtful that we could do it and figured we'd have to put starting the home study off until after the first of the year... Michael reassured me to trust God and that God has been calling us to this, so He will provide...

Once again, God amazed me with his perfect timing and perfect blessings... The following evening, Michael got a phone call from his best friend, who is like his brother. They talked for awhile and then he announced that he and his wife wanted to send us a check to help out with our adoption. A check in the EXACT amount that we were needing... When Michael hung up the phone, about ready to cry, he explained to me what they were sending us, and I was literally speechless and almost in tears myself. Once again, God prevailed and met our exact needs by blessing us through this amazing couple... How can I possibly doubt that this is a total God thing? NO one knew the amount that we were needing, besides God... What are the chances that someone would give us the exact amount needed at the perfect time? Slim to none... This was no coincidence! This was a God-incidence!

Not only that, but we've gotten numerous messages from people asking for our address, that are wanting to help. Some people that are good friends, some we haven't talked to in years, and some we don't even know. I am just amazed by the outpouring of love and support that everyone is showing us and am absolutely humbled by this all... Michael and I are just in amazement of how God is working throughout this process... How awesome is He?!

To everyone who is giving, whether monetarily or in the gift of prayers, from the bottom of our hearts... Thank you! We will never be able to repay the kindness that we are receiving, other than to pay it forward in the future....

We love you all,
Michael and Amanda

P.S. Thanks to a great suggestion from someone, I have put up a donate button to the right of the page so you can donate via paypal or debit/credit card - cool! I didn't know you could do that! This will go into our Paypal account, which will be directly deposited into our adoption fund account! Thanks for that tip!

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