Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious

This is what I was listening to and worshiping to when I opened up my e-mail after cleaning up the kitchen this morning.


God is SO wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless in everyway! As I opened our e-mail, I saw something that literally brought me to my knees, in tears.... Thanking my awesome God! My God who is the do-er of all impossible things!

An excerpt from my Facebook status and Facebook Adopt-a-thon update this morning:

"Am still amazed by how God works! We got the call for "E" not even 48 hours ago and found out we'd have to pay the $6600 in two weeks for his referral fee. Up to that point, we had everything else paid for (except travel costs for two trips to Ethiopia). We have depleted so many of our funds and savings, paying for various fees for the adoption, that I was worried with how we'd come up with $6600 so soon. So I put up a challenge asking people to help. I challenged to raise $5000 in two weeks, thinking it'd barely be able to be done, and especially not the full $6600! Here we are. Not even 2 DAYS later, and will the help from hundreds of family, friends, and people we don't even know, and we're at $4200! Is that not God working miracles and showing us that "E" is meant for our family?!? Don't ever think that anything is impossible with God!"

I now have more to say... Upon opening our e-mail, I broke down, seeing that we have surpassed our $5,000 goal! My God has done the impossible! He brought $5,200 towards our adoption in less than 48 hours. I have had several friends tell me that even if we get to our $5,000 goal, that I should keep the Facebook Adopt-A-Thon open. One, because we need $6,600 for "E's" referral fee. I thought $5,000 would be impossible to obtain in 2 weeks, so I figured we could at least try for $5K. God must have laughed at me when I thought that and said to Himself, "Just wait. Watch what I can do!" And he used you, all of you, to help us get to our goal. And in less than 2 days!! If we can get to $5,000 in 2 days, I'm fairly certain we can raise the remaining $1400 in 12 days! Others wanted me to keep it open longer because they wanted to take part in this amazing miracle, but can't until this weekend or next week or the following week. So... We are leaving it open... Let's see what God does! (to see the actual event, in which I've been keeping updated, please visit THIS LINK .)

I just cannot even explain how much this all means to me. To my family. To my boys. Two precious little boys. HIV+, but flawless in God's perfect eyes. Loved by Him, and by SO many. And to think that neither of them even know what is going on. That there is a family wanting them, loving them, and waiting to go and make them a part of their family. And during the process, hundreds have rallied together to help bring them home. If only they knew.. That they are NOT unwanted. That they are NOT unloved. That despite their HIV status, they are Wonderful. Beautiful. Glorious. And made in God's own image. That they are LOVED!!!!!!!! 

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