Saturday, May 5, 2012

3 days ago...

3 days ago, we got the call from our agency about a sweet 10 month old little boy, and a few hours later his picture and information. We knew he was ours! Nothing held us back from wanting him. Not his HIV+ status. Not the fact that he was a boy (because we originally requested a girl for the second referral). Nothing... Except the cost. In order to accept him, we'd have to pay another referral fee (each referral has a referral fee that pays for a variety of things.), this time of $6600, in 2 weeks, or ASAP. While we were a little doubtful (okay, okay... A LOT doubtful), we decided that if this was truly supposed to be our 4th child, God would somehow make a way for it to happen. We shared with our blog readers, Facebook, our family, and all our friends, asking if they'd be willing to help. We challenged to raise $5000 in 2 weeks... We thought it'd be pretty difficult - impossible, even! Well, here we are. 3 1/2 days after we got the call... And we now have our full referral fee. Not just the $5000. But the FULL $6600 for "E"!

Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God"

We prayed, and through all of you, God allowed us to receive "E's" ENTIRE referral fee. In THREE AND A HALF DAYS!!! "E" IS supposed to be our son!! God made sure that we had no excuse to say no! And He proved that NOTHING is impossible for Him! God DOES fund what He favors! And He favors the adoption of orphans! In James 1:27, it says "Pure religion in the sight of God the Father, means caring for orphans and widows in their distress...." God calls us to care for the orphans. And if it is His will, He will provide a way to make it happen, even when you think it's impossible!! 

Thank you SOOO much to everyone who has helped us along the way. For all your prayers, your thoughts, your kind words and encouragement, your donations, and just for all your support! We appreciate it SO much!

So now what? I've had several questions the past few days. Many asking if this is the only thing we have left to pay... The answer to that, is unfortunately, no! We still have to travel twice. Once hopefully in July, and then again hopefully about 2 months later. Not really sure, and it's all God's timing... We're estimating $8000-10,000 for travel. That is why we started to sell the Mudlove bracelets and coffee, to help with travel costs, along with a lot of saving and extensive budgeting in the next few months. They are still available (look under current fundraisers!). Mudlove bracelets will hopefully get here in 2-3 weeks! Also, to anyone who has ordered shirts, we will be shipping those out on Monday! 

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