Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just cannot believe it...

God surprised us today! This afternoon, during the kids naptime, my phone rang. I saw it was a Utah number and thought "Our agency is in Utah! Could this be?" And then though "No, I doubt it... Even if it is, it's probably just regarding our dossier or something..."

It was our agency! And it was NOT for our dossier. They had a little boy that they are trying to find a family for and new that we were waiting for a little girl, but wondered if we would possibly be open to another boy. I told her that *I* was okay with it and was pretty sure Michael would be too. She told me to call him and then call her back and let her know. I immediately called him and told him what was going on and Michael said "Call her back and tell her 'YES!' We will adopt him!" So, I did just that! We're currently waiting on an e-mail to see his photos, but even without seeing him, we are SO excited!

He is a 10 month old little boy and he does have HIV. We will call him "E" for now, because just like "M", we cannot share his photos or his name online until we pass court. We will adopt him the same time that we do "M" and will be bringing both boys home together!

Now that we've announced the good news... There's some other news... Along with this referral, we have to pay an additional $6,600. Which in reality, isn't so bad. If we would've done these adoptions at different times, we would've had to pay two sets of around $28,000. With doing them together at the same time, it's only the $28,000 plus the additional $6600 (along with a few other smaller costs). But, here's the kicker. We have TWO WEEKS. Two weeks to raise $6,600 (or even just $5000 for now) in order to accept the referral of "E".

I'm not one that can easily ask for money and I know so many people have helped SO much during this entire process in the past year and a half and I absolutely hate having to ask for more help... But, we cannot say no to "E". We cannot give him up because we don't have that money right now. I KNOW and trust that God will provide. Even though raising over $5000 in two weeks seems almost impossible, He has provided every step of the way. Would you be willing to help? All we need is 500 people to give just $10. Or 1000 people to give just $5. That's just a little over the price of a Starbucks coffee. Would you be willing to give up a coffee or a fast food trip and help bring a 10 month old HIV+ child home from Ethiopia to their forever family?

If you feel lead, please feel free to donate using the Paypal button at the right. Or if you'd prefer to buy something instead of a monetary donation, check out the "Current Fundraisers" tab. We are so forever grateful for everyone who has helped all along the way and I have no idea how we'll ever be able to repay everyone for your generosity... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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  1. I am very happy for you guys. I know we have not talked much in a while, but I do keep up on your adoption. I think it is wonderful you are adopting two children in need. Your family will always be in my prayers. Love, Jessica Tabor