Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who loves puzzles?

We do!! My kids absolutely LOVE puzzles, specifically Ilana, so when I read about this idea and told Michael about it, we decided to do it! It's a puzzle fundraiser! We decided on this puzzle (well, actually, Ilana did):

We wanted something with an African theme, and if you know Ilana, you know that her favorite animals are elephants! She said this one is perfect because there's a big elephant for each of us and her new brother or sister and that the baby elephants are for her other brothers or sisters we're going to adopt someday - boy I love how her mind works! She knows my heart and that I won't be able to stop at just one. What can I say? ;) Thank goodness God made Michael's heart the same way!

Anyway, basically the way this fundraiser works is that you "buy", or basically sponsor, a puzzle piece using the paypal button below or to the right using one of the suggested prices. (But those are just suggested and we're welcome to ANY donation, even if it's just $1. So if you want to buy a piece at a different price, please use the donate button to the right and just be sure to let us know what it's for!)

Donation Options

When a puzzle piece is sponsored, we will write the name of the donor and/or a short special message (if you want) on the back of the puzzle piece. As the pieces are sponsored, we will put the puzzle together. When the puzzle is fully sponsored and put together, we are going to use a special puzzle glue to keep it together and put it in a double sided glass frame which will be hung in our living room. Every time we see the puzzle portrait, we will be reminded just how many people it took to help bring our child home. And when our child is old enough to understand and read, he/she will be able to look at the back of the puzzle and read the names and messages of how many people loved them enough to help bring them HOME! Isn't that awesome? It's something that will be very treasured in our house, that's for sure!

Just click on the link above, after selecting the option you want, and when you check out, be sure to write in the comment/message box the name/s and/or message you want written on the puzzle piece! You can do a puzzle piece for your whole family, or one piece per family member or however you'd like! :)

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far! We honestly could not have done it without the amazing family and friends that we have!!

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