Friday, March 11, 2011

Ethiopian Adoption News

Some of you may have heard the latest news on Ethiopian adoption, but I know many of you have not. I've waited to post much until more information has come around, but decided to go ahead and explain it all now. A week ago, this article was posted and spread like wildfire:

When I first read it, I felt scared, nervous, and upset, and prayed immediately, wondering what was going to happen to our adoption plans. God covered me with peace and reassured me that He has brought us this far and will not leave us stranded. This article was sent out the day of our yardsale, but yet, God still reassured me with the various Africa sightings (if you didn't read about that, please read the post below this one). This may slow down the adoption process a lot, but we're not giving up. I KNOW God has our third child somewhere in Ethiopia and I am not abandoning him/her, regardless of how long it will take to reach him/her!! God didn't give me these dreams for no reason! :)

The reason for these changes are due to adoption ethics and fraud. An awesome woman and fellow adoptive Ethiopian adoptive parent (and they are leaving to meet their second in less than a week!) posted a blog saying some of the exact same things I was thinking regarding all of this. Please read: Adoption Ethics

Because of all of this, Joint Council has created an Emergency Campaign for Ethiopia. If you support ethical adoption and want to help fight for it, please sign the petition HERE and spread the word!!! In the meantime, just pray, pray, pray! God has a great and mighty plan, I just KNOW!


Also, off topic, but we're going to try to have a picture every Friday showcasing our adoption tshirts! We're wanting a picture of anyone wearing one of our shirts! If you have bought a shirt and are willing to share a photo that will be showcased on our blog on Fridays, please e-mail it to ! :) Thanks!!

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  1. Our family is also in the process of adopting from here and believe God will see us to completion. Praying for you and your family. Hoping you bring your child home soon in HIS perfect timing!!