Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today was court...

This afternoon we went in for court and waited nervously for about 30 minutes in a room full of people... We got called back and were asked several questions.


She said "Congratulations! They are yours!"

So, now, we finally introduce the two newest members of the Nuñez Family!....

- Mikiyas Elisha Nuñez - 
(Mikiyas is his given name, which we've been told is a form of Micah from the Bible. Elisha is the middle name we are giving him. :)  )

- Eyob Tsehay Nuñez - 
(Eyob is a form of Job, and Tsehay is Sun - we've been told together means something like "Sunshine after the storm")


  1. the Nunez family!!! Praising God for filling your quiver!! Welcome Mikiyas Elisha and Eyob Tsehay!!

  2. Yay! welcome pretty boys! cannot wait until you get home - congrats Nunez family!!!!

  3. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord! They are just the cutest! Look at their happy faces!!!! I want to know everything and see lots of pics when you get home! Please give them hugs and kisses from us! <3 Congrats to the Nunez family!!!!!!!!!!

  4. they are beautiful.. an absolute gift from God.. Congratulations to you and your family!!

  5. Praises to God! They are absolutely breathtaking! I'm so excited for your family and we're crying happy tears for you all over here!

  6. Tears of Joy are in my eyes as Praise the Lord for His Blessing to your family!! I can not wait to meet them!!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! They are just precious, and look just as happy to have you as you are to have them. God is so good! :)