Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meeting our boys...

Last night, we got into Addis about 9:30pm, got our visas, exchanged dollars into Birr, got our luggage and finally made our way to the transition home. Even though it was after 11pm, they asked for a meal to be made for us, which was absolutely delicious! After talking for awhile and making a quick update on Facebook saying we made it (as that's our only form of communication while we're here), we headed up to bed, anxiously awaiting the next morning! It took us about an hour to fall asleep from excitement and I slept like a log for a few hours until I was awoken by Michael getting ready at 5am. He was just too excited to sleep any longer! I swear, he was like a child on Christmas morning!

We came downstairs and waited around a bit and then decided to go outside and see if we could find the boys around 7:30. Right as we were putting our shoes on, one of the staff came around holding "M's" hand and carrying "E". Thankfully another adoptive father is here and I hurriedly gave him my camera to take the first photos. I was handed "E" in which he stared at me in wonder for awhile, and I at him. "M" immediately went up to Michael and just snuggled right into his arms saying "Dad? Dad?" in his sweet little accent. I couldn't believe that at that very moment, our dreams of almost 2 years was finally coming true. I was finally able to not just see, but hold, hug, kiss, and snuggle my sweet Ethiopian boys! Amazingly, I didn't cry like I thought I would because I was just so in awe! Soon after, we switched boys and I asked "M" who I was and he said "Mommy?" Seriously, at that moment, I could've melted!

We got to spend all morning together with the boys playing and "M" loved playing soccer with Daddy outside. I got to feed "E" a bowl of oatmeal and then he fell asleep in my arms. It was heaven!! It's amazing how you just automatically feel so in love with two sweet little boys you've never met, but you do! At that time, we had to leave because we were going to do some sight seeing. They don't want us to spend all our time here at the guest house/transition home (as much as we'd love to!), because they really feel it's important to get to know the area and really learn the Ethiopian culture. So we will have a busy week with all sorts of things to see!

I'll be sure to post more details about what all we did with pictures and such, but I at least wanted to share the morning of meeting the boys! :)


  1. We are sooooooooo excited for you! I cannot wait to see your pics! I cannot believe you didn't cry--I had tears just reading this post! <3

    Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!!! I was wondering how the boys would respond when they met you...the fact that they took right to you and "M" called you Dad & Mommy right away just brought tears of joy; I can only imagine how you feel! Thank you for taking us along on your are truly letting your light shine and bringing glory to your Father in Heaven! May He continue to bless you all far beyond what you could ask or imagine! <3