Friday, February 18, 2011

Seriously?! How many times will God do this?!?

So, tonight at about 7:45pm, I got a phone call from Michael as he was on his way home. He said he had great news! God provided us with a special check that just so happened to be.... almost exactly half the amount of our dossier fee  (just $2 and some odd cents away)! I swear, anytime I get worried about costs, God continually shows me HE is in control and that we are doing what HE wants us to do!

Along with this check, our Yardsale for Hope is in just 2 weeks (March 4 & 5) ! Our garage and "school room" in our house is filling up thanks to so many donations from so many amazing people! I am just in awe of how generous people are and don't know how we'll ever be able to repay for all that everyone has done! I am in high hopes of a great turnout for our sale! Also, a few people asked how long we were taking donations. We will be accepting donations until Wednesday, March 2nd! Anyone local - please share with your friends/family! I have created fliers, so if you're wanting to hand any out to friends or family, please e-mail me at and I can e-mail you a digital copy that you can print out.

For an update on our adoption status - we're still waiting for our finalized home study. Unfortunately our doctor's office is very slow at getting Michael's medical letter back with us, so it's kept us from getting the finalized home study. I'm hoping by the end of next week we will have it (the home study)! We have also gotten our passports in the mail! Wahoo! Just seeing those make me all excited for our travels to Ethiopia! I know it'll still be the end of the year at the earliest probably, but still exciting, none the less!

Anyway, wrapping this up with thanks....
 * Thank you to our amazing God! God, you have been there with us every single step of the way! You have given us the hearts that break for the orphans. You have provided for us in more ways that we could have ever imagined!
* Thank you to everyone who has, is, and will be praying for us. Your prayers are what have kept us going!
* Thank you to everyone who has helped provide for our yardsale! Your donations are SOOOO appreciated!

* Thank you to Danielle, Ron and Tarrah, Sam and Liz, and Becky and Jeff for spending time writing reference letters, getting things notarized, and filling out documents. You are all appreciated more than you know!
* Thank you to everyone who has given us monetary donations! You have helped get us to where we are now in the adoption process.
* Thank you also to everyone who has bought one of our shirts to help fund our adoption! You guys are so appreciated, too!
* Thank you  to Cindy and everyone who ordered purses during our Thirty One fundraiser a couple weeks ago! Cindy, you were so awesome for doing that for us!
* Last, but most definitely not least... Thank you to EVERY single person who is supporting us. Your thoughts, prayers, and specifically support has been incredible. We appreciate you and love you all!!!

(I'm sure I forgot some, and will add more later! For now, I'm off to spend the first evening this week with my husband!)

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