Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Study DONE!

Yay! Our last homestudy interview is now completed! We will have our completed homestudy back to us in 2 weeks! We are so excited and feel like we're finally getting somewhere! Once we get that homestudy back, the next step is to turn in our 1-600A which will schedule us for FBI fingerprinting. When we finish that (which can take up to 2-3 months, but we're hoping and praying for it to happen much sooner), we are able to submit our dossier to be notarized, state certified and authenticated by the US Dept. of State and Ethiopia Embassy, which will then be sent to Ethiopia and we're put on the waitlist for a referral!! I'm hoping (but more than likely won't happen) for it to all be done by my birthday in April. Wouldn't that be a great birthday present? :)

I'm just so ready to be finished with all the paper chasing! Here are all the papers for our homestudy (and just think - our dossier has MORE than that, and we're missing 4 documents in this photo!):

And our final installment for the home study fees, wahoo!

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