Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Study Update and T-shirts

I forgot to update ya'll on the home study! For those of you who aren't Facebookers, we had part 1 of our home study done last Thursday. Our home study social worker is very nice and helpful and we feel very comfortable with her doing our home study. After a lot of paperwork, a few signatures, and lots of questions, it was over! She was here for around 2 hours, and seemed very happy with our "interview". She said our family seems like a great match for an adopted child and she was extremely impressed with our "very well behaved children" and said "it's a direct reflection of how we are as parents". In the coming months, we'll be continuing to obtain all sorts of documentation, background checks, fingerprinting and whatnot. Then we''ll meet again with her, and hopefully finish up our home study report and get the dossier completed. I'm hoping we can get all of this done and the dossier submitted by my 25th birthday in April, so then we can finally be put on the waiting list for our child!

Also, we received our shirts last week! I LOVE them and they turned out to be just what I wanted! We mailed out all the pre-ordered shirts on Friday, so hopefully you all who ordered them will be receiving them soon! If you haven't ordered and are wanting to, you still can! We have a little over 100 shirts, sizes ranging from Youth XS-L and Adult S-2X. I have changed the cost to $20 (youth) and $25 (adult), which includes the shipping and handling (some people were getting confused with the shipping and handling costs, so I figured it'd be easier just to include it with the shirt cost!). 100% of the proceeds from the tshirt sales are going directly toward our adoption fund. We have several thousands of dollars worth of expenses coming up in just the next couple months, so the proceeds are going straight to those costs. If you're interested in ordering, please use the "Donate" button to the right and in the "notes" part of your donation form, include the quantity and sizes that you want. Some people have asked if they could just donate and not get a shirt, and I just wanted to clarify that, yes! That is definitely okay! We are grateful for ANY support!



Close up of letters, made from the word "tasfa" 
meaning hope in Amharic (Ethiopia's main language) 

Thank you again for everyone's support, love, and prayers! We appreciate it more than you'll ever know!

- Amanda

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