Friday, December 24, 2010

Despite being excited for Christmas...

I'm having a rough day today... I am so excited for Christmas and all the family time we're able to have (which lately has been rare - poor Michael leaves way before the kids and I wake up in the morning and lately hasn't been getting home until the kid are in bed), but my heart is also aching for our child in Ethiopia... I have a feeling this is gonna happen with every holiday we go through without him/her! It's so weird, to me, that I can long for a child I don't know, have never met, and have never even seen (except in dreams). God has definitely put a whole lot of love in my heart for this child... He's put a lot of love in our childrens' hearts as well! Aydan and Ilana both pray for their brother or sister daily; just the other day, I caught Ilana praying in her room, completely on her own (head bowed, eyes closed, and hands folded - the whole thing!), that God would please bring her brother or sister home for Christmas so he/she wouldn't be alone for Jesus' birthday. Makes me smile to see how God has put this love in her heart as well!

It just breaks my heart, though, to think about this child and all the children worldwide who are all alone for Christmas. Here we are, most of us getting together with family, enjoying all sorts of holiday festivities, presents (probably way too many), and tons of food, and there are literally MILLIONS (more than 147,000,000 to be exact) of lonely, hurt, malnourished, hungry children who have NOTHING and want nothing more for Christmas than a family. Just one person who will actually hold them. One person who will love them... I can't wait until we're able to bring our child home, But I still can't help but think of all the rest of the ones left behind... As Michael said just last night, "We won't be able to stop at one, will we?" He knows me way too well!

So, while you are enjoying this Christmas season with your family, friends, and loved ones, remember all the many children out there who are alone. Please take just a minute out of your busy day to pray for them. Please pray for our child that God has picked out for us, as well. Pray that he/she will be comforted and feel God's arms holding him/her until we are able to do it. Remember just how blessed you are and how much you have in comparison to the many children (and adults) worldwide. Most of all, remember what this Christmas season is really about. It's not the food, not the presents, or anything else; instead it's a holiday to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... It's amazing what a little tiny baby can do for this world!

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