Monday, December 16, 2013

Urgent Help Needed!

While everyone is finishing up their Christmas shopping, baking all sorts of Christmas goodies, perhaps putting the last touches of Christmas decorations up, and looking forward to the Christmas gifts they're going to receive, there's some people who are not so fortunate to be doing any of that. More specifically, kids... 

I have a friend who is living in Uganda until January. While she is there, she has been seeing so many needs around her... 

As you may be buying your child a new pair of shoes that he/she just NEEDS...
Look at this child's feet...

 THAT ^ is a true need. Besides being in desperate need of a new pair of sandals, this child needs medical care for jiggers. 

What are jiggers? They are also known as Chigoe fleas, which are the smallest known flea, at 1 mm long. Female jiggers burrow into exposed skin (usually on feet) and stay in there while developing their eggs. If the flea is left within the skin, dangerous complications can occur including secondary infections, loss of nails, and sometimes even toes. 

But really... Would you EVER allow your child to have shoes like that? And without shoes, these chidren's feet are not protected by jiggers.

Here are two more children's feet all covered in jigger bites.

Or how about this sweet boy? His ears are so infected with lots of drainage pouring out. (Mikiyas came home with an ear infection like this that had probably been that way for awhile. Turns out his ear drum was ruptured because of it and needed surgery to repair it. I'm not sure what this boy's is like...)

And this little sweetie... She has a fungal infection on her scalp. She has flies constantly on her head and the family has no soap or money for treatment. 

Her poor head is covered in blisters, sores, with drainage...

And yet, they all live this way. No means to go to the doctor for simple medical treatment. Here in America? We take our kids to the doctor for every little thing. Can you imagine this being YOUR child, and you not being able to do ANYTHING but watch them suffer? 

These are just a few of the needs there. And for a measly (in Americans' eyes) $30 each, these kids can see the doctor and have the medical treatment and medicines needed. My sweet friend while waiting in Uganda until January, has decided to allow God to use her in anyway needed. She's personally going to take these kids to the doctor and is hopeful to raise funds to help take more. 

Instead of getting your child that extra toy, or those extra shoes, or your mom that gift out of obligation that she doesn't even need.... Would you be willing to help fund medical treatment for as many kids in Uganda as possible? Just $5 or $10, or maybe you could even give $30 to pay for one child's medical needs? If so, please donate ANY amount using the button below. I will be sending any amount collected this week through this link directly to her. Thank you!!!

Can we get at least TEN kids medical treatment? 

Keep checking back to see how much we raise this week! I'll continue to edit and update the latest totals!

We raised $215 - enough to have almost 8 kids' medical needs treated!!!

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