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Shopping With A Purpose - Spring Edition!

I wanted to do another Shop with a Purpose post in time for Mother's Day, graduations, and whatnot  as a lot of people really appreciated the Christmas edition! So, here's the Spring Edition! If you have any that I missed or you'd like added, please contact me at

***T-Shirts and Apparel***

$25.00 for adult, $20.00 for children - email to order

These super cute tshirts (The Next Level brand for adults in stonewash denim and Gildan brand for children in light blue) have Africa along with the words "hope redemption healing love". Perfect descriptive words for adoption! The proceeds from these shirts go towards the adoption costs of a sweet couple waiting for 2 siblings from Ethiopia. They are $25 for adult or $20 for children which includes the cost of shipping. To order, please e-mail Caroline at

$16.99-22.99 - ORDER HERE.

Choose from these 3 tshirts ranging in price from $16.99 to $22.99 (varying on size and type). I must say I love the middle one which has the Amharic and English words! You can order them HERE. Proceeds benefit another Ethiopian adoption! You can read about their journey on their blog!


These tshirts benefit an adoption! Cost is just $20 and can be ordered HERE. To read the meaning behind the shirts and why they say The Lucas Legacy, read THE STORY.

$22.00 - ORDER HERE

These tees benefit a non-profit that works with African orphanages. They are currently raising funds to provide Sanyu Babies Home with a year's supply of diapers. Would you be willing to pay $22 for a tshirt (that comes in various sizes and colors!) to help? Look HERE for more info!

$18.00-$20.00 - ORDER HERE

These super cool tees say Just Love and cost just $18.00-$20.00 depending on the size. Their inspiration for the design of these shirts came from 1John 4:19 "We LOVE because He first LOVEd us" + Micah 6:8 "And what does the Lord require of you? To do JUSTice and to LOVE kindness and to walk humbly with your God."  Proceeds from the sale of these tees go towards supporting our adoption from Ethiopia! AND 10% of proceeds will be given to ministries supporting social justice issues (like orphan care & prevention, education, sustainable jobs initiatives, etc.). Order them HERE!

$20.00 - ORDER HERE

These pretty tees come in adult sizes only and cost just $20. Proceeds benefit an Ethiopian adoption and can be ordered HERE.

$15.00 - $20.00 - ORDER HERE

Another great shirt benefiting The McGinty Family Adoption. The adult shirts come on a charcoal gray, soft, vintage style shirt (think American Eagle feel). Kid shirts will be on REGULAR COTTON TEES. . Adult shirts are $20 each and kids shirts are $15. Order online HERE.

Norwegian Style Cap

This cap, from a classic Norwegian pattern, is ergonomically knit to cover the ears without falling over the eyes. Knit in bright pink and green, it will be hard to lose sight of a child wearing this cap! $14.00 She has other options on HER ETSY SITE as well! Proceeds support their adoption!

****Jewelry and Accessories****

Chevron Scarves

These chevron summer scarfs will make a great accent to your spring and summer wardrobe!  This scarf is approx. 72" long and is sewn in a tube. It is available in coral on white, mustard on white, black on cream, lime green on white, eggplant on ivory, chartreuse on white, watermelon pink on white, red on cream, teal on ivory and perfectly pink on white. Are these cute, or what?! They are $18.00 each and can be found HERE. 100% of the proceeds are going towards bringing home a sweet one year old girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to her forever home! You can read more of their story on THEIR BLOG.


Check out these cool scarves made from upcycled tshirts! They will make any color combination you want and you can also choose a couple of colors for your links and then a separate color for the ties that keep the links together - that is a great way to add just a pop of a certain color. Colors are as follows: Sky, Robin's Egg, Turquoise, Royal and Navy blue / Butter and Sunshine yellow/ Kelly, Lime, Hunter and Celery green / Plum and Lavender purple / Tiger and Volunteer orange / White / Light and Dark grey / Black / Apple red / Cotton Candy, Bubblegum and Raspberry pink.  Scarves are $10 each, can be made in lengths for an adult or child, and can be shipped and even gift-wrapped! Shipping is $2 per scarf and gift wrapping is $1 per scarf. If you would like an order shipped for Mother's Day giving, please order no later Tuesday, April 30.  ORDER HERE. or email at

Hair Ties
$5.00 for a set of three - ORDER HERE!

These fantastic hair ties are made of beautifully dyed elastic. They come in sets of three. $5.00 each and can be found HERE.100% of the proceeds are going towards bringing home a sweet one year old girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to her forever home! You can read more of their story on THEIR BLOG.

Handmade Necklaces
$20.00 each - ORDER HERE!

These beauties are handmade. Each necklace has 5-7 flowers and can come in any color you want (or fabric she can find.) They come on a metal chain with lobster claw. They are $20.00 each and can be found HERE. 100% of the proceeds are going towards bringing home a sweet one year old girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to her forever home! You can read more of their story on THEIR BLOG.

Ugandan Paper Necklaces

These BEAUTIFUL necklaces were made by women in Uganda. These are just $15.00! They have other options on THEIR SITE, too. Proceeds benefit a non-profit that works with African orphanages. They are currently raising funds to provide Sanyu Babies Home with a year's supply of diapers.

Handmade Necklaces

These cute and creative necklaces are being made by two sisters fundraising to help bring home their 5 year old brother with a special medical condition from a rural orphanage in Eastern European. They are calling them "Warrior Necklaces" because his name means "Warrior". Singles are $5.00 and doubles are $7.00. They are asking for an extra $1 to help cover shipping. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and you can order them via their blog HERE.

These beautiful necklaces are handmade and come in a variety of colors and types! Prices are very reasonable and vary from $5-10 and 100% of the proceeds benefit an Ethiopian adoption. You can read about their journey on their blog! Order the necklaces HERE.

Oh my! How beautiful is this?! For just $30, you can order this gorgeous custom handmade necklace that benefits an Ethiopian adoption! Includes ~3/4" copper pendant ~heart charm ~one 18" chain . This would make a beautiful gift for any Mom! Go HERE to order one!




The sale of these bracelets benefit an Ethiopian adoption! Please visit their site HERE to order!

Hair accessories

The following SUPER cute hair accessories (and there's more on her website) are handmade and the proceeds go towards their next adoption, which you'll be able to read about soon on their blog. Are these not the cutest things ever? If baby Nunez ends up being a girl, I may just have to purchase a few of these! :)

 These adorable handmade chiffon mini clips are so simple and sweet, the perfect accent to any little one’s outfit. They measure approximately 2.5 inches. They are attached to a high quality partially lined single prong alligator clip. $3.00 each and comes in a large variety of colors! They can be found HERE.

This handmade elastic headband shows off an adorable 4.5 inch silk flower. The flower is backed with felt for a clean finish. Headbands are stretchy and can fit a baby through teen. These vary between $7-9 and comes in a variety of colors/patterns. These can be found HERE

These bows measure about 4 inches. They are attached to a high quality single prong alligator clip. They come in a variety of colors and compliment any outfit. They are $3 each and can be found HERE

Sling Bags

These beautiful handmade sling bags are the perfect purse for someone always on the go. The long strap lets you wear the purse across the shoulder, allowing you to have both hands free! Cost is only $20 and come in a variety of 5 different fabrics. These bags benefit a non-profit that works with African orphanages. They are currently raising funds to provide Sanyu Babies Home with a year's supply of diapers. Would you be willing to pay $20 for a bag to help? Look HERE for more info!



Lots of adoption friends are selling these sheets which are super soft and amazing from what I've heard! An entire sheet set for ONLY $35.00 is practically unheard of. Pair that with helping fund adoptions and you have something incredible!! You can choose ANY size in any of these colors (burnt orange has been replaced by black) for only $35.00!! Please order through one of these links:

Olsson Family Adoption or email them at (They are adopting a 7 year old daughter from Ethiopia!)
Lance Family Adoption  (They are adopting two HIV+ twin baby girls from Ethiopia!)
Gourley Family Adoption (they are adopting from Ethiopia as well!)


Help support another adoption by purchasing some handpainted art HERE.


HERE you'll find unique note cards for every occasion. Spectrum of Amber note cards are known for their bold colors, unique angles, and humorous verses. Take a look around - you'll like what you see! Prices vary and proceeds go towards this super sweet couple's second adoption from Ethiopia!



Order coffee for your mom in these cool special tins, or you can order a variety of other coffees (samplers, light roasts, dark roasts, espressos, etc.) that are all fair trade and benefits another Ethiopian adoption! Order HERE.



Visiting Orphans is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Established in 2005 by America World Adoption Association as a way to further help the orphans of the world. Visiting Orphans works to fulfill the biblical mandate given in James 1:27 of "visiting orphans" in their distress. Visiting Orphans conducts many missions trips for churches, schools, and individuals from around the United States to orphanages all around the world including China, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Ecuador, Ukraine, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, India and Costa Rica.  They have marked down ALL their shop items just in time for Mother's Day. I LOVE their stuff! GO HERE TO SHOP


Eternal Threads is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children most at risk of extreme poverty, trafficking and other forms of exploitation by providing sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects" They sell goods made by women in Uganda, Nepal, India, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Ghana (just to name a few). They sell just about anything you can think of! What better site to order a gift for Mother's Day than through this site that helps employ many working mothers around the world?


Here's a GREAT opportunity to join in an auction of a BUNCH of different options, all benefiting an adoption that is near and dear to my heart... The adoption of a sweet 5 year old HIV+ little boy from Ethiopia who lived in the same orphanage as Mikiyas! PLEASE take a look and consider bidding! But, you only have until tomorrow at 12 CST before the auction closes! Here are just a few different choices:

Some auction choices -- GO HERE FOR MORE!!


If you plan on ordering something through Amazon, be sure to order through THIS LINK. A small portion of whatever you order through Amazon goes to help another Ethiopian adoption! How cool is that? You can read about this family's journey on THEIR BLOG.

Also, just a quick little note for anyone who is adopting/has adopted. A friend of mine is helping head up a retreat for adoptive mommas in September! Check out  UNFAILING LOVE RETREAT for more info. This could make another great mother's day gift for those adoptive moms!

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