Friday, November 30, 2012

3 months and Today!

2 years ago as we began our adoption journey, our hearts ached for a little girl or boy... We had no idea what the journey would end up being like but trusted God along the way. Here we are, November 30, 2012...

3 months ago on August 31, we brought two precious sweet boys home to our family.

- 3 months ago we had a clingy baby boy who didn't crawl well, couldn't stand, and only wanted his momma.

Today, we have a walking, signing (as in sign language), starting to kinda talk little boy who still loves his momma and daddy, but is venturing out to Grandma Tina or some of his aunts, while keeping a close eye on where Mommy or Daddy is.

- 3 months ago we brought home a sweet and tiny "6" year old little boy who knew hardly any English other than Mom, Dad or simple words like Please and Thank You.

Today we have a sweet little boy who has grown almost TWO inches and speaks English fairly fluently, asking me this morning "Mommy, we please have spaghetti to eat tonight? Spaghetti is favorite!" (and yes, we are absolutely having spaghetti for supper! And chocolate cake to celebrate 3 months home!)

- 3 months ago, that little boy didn't know a stranger and loved to wander off in public places.

Today, when he meets someone new, he asks us if they are family. Today, while he still loves to venture off, always stays within a close distance and makes sure we are within site and no longer approaches random strangers. He even is shy at times with meeting someone new, which is very good!

- 3 months ago, he screamed and cried and acted as if I was the meanest person in the world when he went to the doctor for the first time and had lots of blood drawn and I had to practically drag him out of the hospital because he didn't want to come home with me.

Today (or yesterday, rather), he had blood drawn, not even flinching, watching the nurse do it and when she was finished, he ASKED her to do it to his other arm!

- 3 months ago we didn't know much about Mikiyas' background or story.

Today, as he learns more and more English, we learn more and more of his story and while our hearts sadden as he describes and tells us different things, we are so thankful that God gave him to US!

- 3 months ago, Mikiyas had no idea what "I love you so much" meant. He knew what "I love you" meant and what "so much" meant, but together, he did not. He thought of himself as "yucky" and unloveable because of the HIV.

Today, Mikiyas completely understands what "I love you so much" means, as he hears it from Michael and I daily. He truly understands and comprehends it, whereas before, he couldn't even fathom how we could love him much at all. Now he accepts the HIV (for now) and knows that we and lots of others love him regardless of it and that we will never think any different of him just because of those 3 letters.

- 3 months ago we had no idea how things would differ as our family went from 4 to 6.

Today our family of 6 seems as if it's always been this way. The kids love each other, but can still argue like brothers and sister, which in my book is good!

Today I am so thankful for these last 3 months. We have seen so many improvements and changes and milestones. Eyob walking and "talking", and Mikiyas losing his top two teeth! Along with the addition of 2 more kids, we've had our share of more doctor appointments. HIV doctors, cranial doctors (which for anyone following Eyob's journey and why we brought him home quicker than usual, it still ended up being too late for any treatment for him. :( ), and are preparing for our first surgery with Mikiyas next week (to repair a perforated ear drum) and also will be seeing cardiologists and adding new meds to his daily regimen for a heart condition we found out he has called Cardiomyapothy.

Many things have changed: twice the amount of laundry and dishes. Twice the amount of cleaning up. An entire kitchen shelf that had to be emptied of extra dishes that is now full of medicines that boys take daily. Twice the amount of time to get ready in the morning, especially Sunday mornings.

I couldn't be more thankful for these changes and will forever be grateful that God not only chose us for this journey but that Michael and I chose to listen to Him with obedience. I'm thankful that despite my doubts on if it was even possible, God provided a way. I'm SO thankful for every single one of our friends and family who have supported us along the way, both financially and prayerfully.  You all played a HUGE part in this journey and we owe you so much! For those wondering how much of a difference you made, please remember, that because of you and our awesome God, two sweet boys who would not have had much of a chance at a great life in Ethiopia are home now. Home with a Mommy AND a Daddy and brothers and a sister who love them. Who are surrounded by extended family and church family that love them. And they will never, ever have to question if they are important. If they are good enough. If they will be loved. Mikiyas and Eyob  will always know what "I love you so much" means....

This Christmas season we have so much to be thankful for and are so excited to witness Christmas through their eyes!! Praising God for so many great and awesome changes this year!


  1. We are so thankful for your family! You have stepped out and obeyed God's calling!! What an example for us! We love that your children follow your footsteps--and we couldn't be happier to be an honorary "Aunt and Uncle" to them!! You have blessed us with your obedience and love for God!!!

    And we are SOOOOOO THANKFUL for those two little boys! We love that Mikiyas pronounces our names with B's!!!! We love that Eyob smiles every time we see him in the nursery at church (he's getting used to us!!!). And we love that your other two kids love these two little boys so much!

    God is soooooo good--scratch that---God is SOOOOOOO AMAZING!! He's AWESOME AWESOME!! <3