Thursday, October 28, 2010

God's perfect provision and timing...

So I had a total God moment today... While I am extremely excited and know this is God's call to our family and have absolutely no doubts about that, I have been having doubts about where the money for this adoption is going to come from... Some days I just worry how we can afford this when it's going to cost more than a brand new car, but God never fails to show me that He IS taking care of us and that He WILL provide everything we need for this adoption!

The next step after applying (which we should hear back in the next couple weeks if we have been approved for the Ethiopia adoption program with CHI) is the home study. What is a home study? Basically, it's a screening of our family, home life, background, finances, etc. They do personal interviews with us, check our home, do extensive background checks, fingerprints, and lots more. It's a long process with lots of paperwork... Anyway, this isn't an inexpensive thing either and the price varies per state... The agency that we will be using requires half of the money down to start it and then the rest towards the end. I had been worried about if we'd have enough saved by the time we do the home study and although we started saving for this not too long ago, I still wasn't sure... So, upon adding everything up, I was amazed to find out that we have the exact amount needed to start the home study. Literally to the EXACT dollar. Tell me that is not a God thing! When I calculated it, I literally got goosebumps and almost started crying... This was just Him telling me not to worry... Isn't our God an amazing God?!

That said, we will need to start raising money soon because unfortunately, we can't do it all on our own. :( Anyone have any great fundraising ideas? Please feel free to share! Also,  to anyone who doesn't know, I make photocards (among other designing needs) and have a facebook page HERE  I will be running a special on all my cards from Nov 1 - Nov 30, in honor of National Adoption Month, where 100% off the profits will be going towards adoption and orphan care. You can read the full details here! :) Please feel free to contact me for more info or pass this info along to your friends/family!

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